Everything You Need To Know About HDbaseT Splitters

There are many reasons why people might want to distribute a multimedia to more than one output in your home. Perhaps you want to connect your set top box to more than one television in your home as part of a connected multimedia house. Or perhaps you wish to send multimedia content across many different outputs at your business – for example, in a sports bar. If this is something you have an interest in doing then you definitely want to learn everything you need to know about HdbaseT splitters.

What Is HDbaseT?

HDbaseT is a connectivity standard for the distribution of uncompressed HD multimedia content. It is both a consumer electric (CE) and commercial connectivity standard. For this reason it is incredibly popular for people who want to distribute multimedia content around their home and around their business. Not only can HDbaseT be used for high-definition video, but it can also be used for audio, home networking, Ethernet, USB and more.

The HDbaseT Alliance was incorporated in 2010 by Samsung, Sony Pictures Entertainment, LG and Valens. Their goal was to promote the original HDbaseT standard which had been developed by Valens. The first HDbaseT products were demonstrated at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2013 and have been incredibly popular with the A/V market ever since.

hdbaset splitters

How Can HDbaseT Splitters Help You Today?

Depending on which HDbaseT splitters you buy, you will be able to send your multimedia to a specific number of different outputs. On our main website you will find HDbaseT splitters which allow you to send your multimedia to 4 or 8 different outputs, which should be more than enough for most homes and small businesses.

HDbaseT splitters support the latest developments in HD technology. It supports uncompressed Ultra HD video (up to 4K), 3D video and all standard audio formats (apart from ARC, which is a feature found on HDMI 1.4). The length supported by HDbaseT is 100 meters, although it does support up to 8 “hops”, which allows it an overall length of 800 meters.

If you are looking to run digital signage around your business, then HDbaseT splitters are definitely the way to go. Once you have the multimedia set up ready to send around all of your outputs, you can simply set it on a loop and it will run automatically. This is a really unique way of using new technology to improve the signage in your retail outlet.

There are many more ways that HDbaseT splitters can be put to great use in your business and in your home.


HDbaseT is one of the great technological developments for audio/visual purposes which has come about in recent years. It has great uses within the home and for commercial purposes too. If you are looking to distribute your multimedia content to different outputs then HDbaseT splitters will be a great option for you. They offer high quality uncompressed video and audio distribution which make it perfect for both home or commercial use. Check them out on the main Brightlink Cables website today.

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